Tony Bianco

A next-level Shopify Hydrogen solution

Project Overview

With a primary objective of re-invigorating website functionality and improving the overall consumer experience, the Tony Bianco Hydrogen project seamlessly transitioned from a standard Shopify Theme to the new Hydrogen headless framework.

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What We Did

  • Completed a comprehensive overhaul of the existing platform, focusing on optimising user experience and performance.
  • Through meticulous UX analysis and strategic execution, we seamlessly integrated cutting-edge features, ensuring a seamless browsing and shopping experience for customers.
  • Leveraged Shopify's Hydrogen framework to successfully elevate the website's responsiveness, speed, and overall aesthetic, resulting in an improved online platform that aligns with Tony Bianco's brand identity.
  • A future-proof website framework that proactively supports Tony Bianco's ambitions for global expansion.

Key Platforms

  • Hydrogen
  • Okendo
  • Sanity
  • Klaviyo
  • Reactify
  • Loop Returns
  • Okendo
  • Apparel21